How to install Floatico slide on the boat

Do you plan lending Floatico slide for your holiday on sea? But you are not sure if you can manage installation of the slide directly on the boat with your own crew? No need to worry. Inflatable Floatico slide is developed and manufactured directly for use on charter sailing boats and catamarans in standardized dimensions. You can find them in your favourite charter companies. 



Floatico slide accessories

You will receive carrying bag with harnesses and sliding silver cover with Velcro closure together with the slide. Cords, air pump compressor 12V, 5 m extension cord and fence protector (to protect the reling of the boat) are also included in the package.

Floatico slide installation process

Floatico slide is easy to handle. Weight of the slide is approximately 14 kg. The slide is packed in compact bag with harnesses. Thanks to customized weight of the slide it's easy for adult person to carry it from charter office to the boat. We recommend you to follow the safety instructions during inflating of the slide. Thanks to these instructions you will retain safety of usage of this product for you and your children. We recommend you to inflate the slide entirely when the boat is tided on the mooring buoy or anchored on the anchor. 

Firstly, unpack the slide and its accessories from the bag on the front side of the deck and unroll the slide. As soon as you unpack the slide, inflate it by 12V air pump connected into the plug at captain's table. Use included 5 m extension cord for your comfortable access to the electricity. 

The slide inflates in approximately 10 – 15 minutes. It's important to inflate the slide fully, to hold the shape even by sliding of adult person. As soon as the slide is inflated, it's needed to fix the special silver sliding part on its upper area. This part is fixed by Velcro closure from upper to lower area of the slide. Afterwards place enclosed fence protection on the reling under the slide

Place upper part of the slide on the front side of the boat on the deck. Fix the slide with enclosed cords. Drop lower part of the slide down on the water level.
The slide has maximum load of 100 kg – this it is designed both for children and adults. Thanks to Floatico you can enjoy your holiday with friends and family and experience unmissable cruise full of fun.



Are you not sure, where to lend Floatico slide for your cruise? Discover actual list of charter companies offering the slides to rent within their charter extras. Would you like to rent the slide but your preferred charter company doesn't offer the slide yet? Contact us and we will be pleased to check the possibilites of cooperation with that charter company directly. 


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