10 reasons why you should choose Floatico for your charter business

There are a lot of reasons why is cooperation of your charter company and Floatico profitable. We choose 10 of the most important advantages of our potential future business.



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1.  Improvement of your profit

Who would not want to earn easier and quicker? Thanks to the offer of renting the slide as your 'extras' you can increase your profit by more than 14 thousand EUR, just for one slide only.


2. Minimal laboriousness

We know that your time is very expensive. Therefore the slide is designed and produced, so that you don't have any extra work related to its renting. Just after renting, your customer will take the slide away in a carrying bag to his boat. He will inflate and install it with his crew there. Before returning the slide, it is just needed to check it. To be ready to rent it to another customer without any worries. So you don't have to inflate the slide in your office, we recommend you to instruct your customers to leave the slide inflated on the deck after finishing their cruise. While controlling the boat, an employee of a charter company can also easily check the slide.


3. Spreading of extras offer

It is not quite easy to diversify from the other competitors in the charter business. You can fight against them by lowering prices, better service and also by offering innovations. Such innovations that your competitors don't offer by now. Your customers will enjoy a lot of fun with Floatico slide during their holidays.


4. Quick return of your investment

Thanks to the advantageous price and uniqueness on the market, the return of your investment in Floatico slides is very quick. Purchasing the slide returns back to you within less than one summer season. So the risk of your investment is minimal. 


5. Your charter logo will be visible

Space for placement of the charter company logo on the slide is chosen in order to be seen mostly from the sea. This you will get the advertising space which will see the clients of other charter boats cruising around. Furthermore, most likely your logo will be displayed on your clients' photos which is also an excellent way for strengthening your brand.


6. Building backlinks

Cooperation doesn't end for us by selling the slide. Our effort is also to help you to rent it. At the beginning of our cooperation we will write an article about you and put it on our blog. We will underline the matters of interest and all important information about you. We will also place the backlinks into this blog article which will help you in the creation of link building. 


7. Fun and experience for your clients

People like to come back there, where they feel good and where it is fun. Indulge your clients the possibility of renting the slide for the whole week of the cruise. Not only children will appreciate it, as they will enjoy themselves with their friends or siblings. Also adults will have fun because the slide is also intended for them. There's nothing better than filling the breaks between the cruise by having fun. Your customers will also come back next season because of their brilliant holidays and great satisfaction.


8. We will help you with the promotion of your place

It's clear to us that the season brings you a lot of work and duties. We will help you with promoting the possibility of renting the slide. This possibility will be well seen by your charter office. After purchase of the slide, the charter company can receive leaflets, posters or advertising stands with eye-catching designs. Just place this advertisement in a visible place for your incoming customers.


9. Safety of your clients

We all know that jumping from the deck into the water isn't safe and can often lead to various injuries. The great replacement is safe sliding from the deck into the water thanks to the Floatico slide. It's safe and enjoyable.


10. We will talk about you

What can be more beneficial for your business than the fact that somebody else will regularly talk about you on social networks? This way you will get a promotion for free. We start our activities on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Even now we are looking forward to interesting content about your company and your activities.



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