General Business Terms and Conditions

General business terms and conditions


I. Introductory Provisions

These General Business Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases from the e-shop on the website run by the company FLOATICO, s.r.o. based in Czech Republic.

The General Business Terms and Conditions are an integral part of every purchase contract and regulate the relationships established between FLOATICO, s.r.o. as the Seller as the first party and the Buyer as the other party.

II. Communication Prior to Entering into a Contract with a Consumer

The Seller shall provide the consumer with the following information before entering into a contract:

  1. The consumer shall not be obliged to make a payment in advance unless such a payment is arranged individually in advance or published via e-shop
  2. If the contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time, or if the subject of the contract is repeated performance, the price shall be set on the basis of data specified on the website at the moment of entry into the purchase contract.
  3. If the contract is entered into for an indefinite period of time, the consumer shall also pay specified transportation costs.
  4. If the consumer withdraws from the contract, he/she shall pay the costs related to returning the goods.

III. Personal Data Protection

  1. The Seller undertakes to respect and protect personal data provided by the Buyer. The Seller hereby declares that all personal data is confidential, shall only be used for the internal needs of the e-shop Personal data shall neither be made public nor disclosed to any third parties (except for external carrier DPD) nor misused in any way. By entering into a contract, the Buyer agrees to the processing and collection of his/her personal data in the Seller's database. The personal data provided shall be used particularly for the following purposes:
    • For successfully handling orders from the Buyer, complaints, etc.
    • For informing the Buyer about facts directly related to his/her orders, complaints, etc.
    • For providing the Buyer with information about goods, prices, etc.
  2. The personal data provided by the Buyer shall be processed and maintained safely in the Seller's information system and safely protected against misuse by any third parties.

IV. Purchase Contracts and Orders

A purchase contract shall originate between the Seller and the Buyer when a properly placed order is provably sent. 

Orders can be placed in the following manners:

  • Via the e-shop at;
  • By e-mail sent to, or the e-mail address of any other FLOATICO´s employees;

By sending an order, the Buyer confirms that he/she has become familiar and agrees with these General Business and Delivery Terms. The Buyer fully understands the wording of these Terms.

A valid contract (including the agreed price) can only be amended or cancelled by agreement between the parties or for legal reasons. The Buyer's orders shall be archived by the Seller for the purpose of their successful fulfilment and shall not be made available to third parties.

An order implemented in any of the manners specified above shall be binding. 

V. Prices and Entering into a Purchase Contract

  1. All prices are contractual. 
  2. The range of goods for sale and the prices of such goods shall remain valid for the period during which they are displayed in the FLOATICO´s e-shop 

The prices of an order shall become binding for the Buyer at the moment the order is confirmed by the Seller, i.e. upon entry into a purchase contract.
A new price list shall become valid when it is published on the Seller's website 

Thus, the prices in an order for customers are already valid at the moment when an order is sent via the e-shop The supplier shall immediately confirm receipt of order to the Buyer by means of an informative e-mail sent to the specified e-mail address.
A contract entered into (including the agreed price) can only be amended or cancelled by agreement between the parties or for legal reasons. (e.g. running out of stock or vis major).

VI. Payment Terms

Payments may be made in the following manners:
1. Payment in advance by bank transfer to the Seller's account;
2. Payment of an invoice with a due date (only for entrepreneurs after fulfilling special conditions).


VII. Delivery Terms

1. Shipping by a Carrier within the Czech Republic

Goods can be sent to the Buyer by the carrier company PPL. The maximum weight of a single package is 31.5 kg. 

2. Sending Abroad via a Carrier

Goods is sent abroad via the carrier company PPL. The maximum weight of a single shipped parcel is 31,5 kg. After confirmation of an order, price for transportation and the delivery date is verified.

Upon delivery, the Buyer shall be obliged to check the condition of the consignment together with the carrier (e. g. the number of packages) based on an attached waybill, and to refuse to accept an incomplete or obviously damaged consignment. The Buyer is also required to refrain from further handling the damaged consignment and transported goods and to keep them for proper documentation by an employee of the carrier. 

A complaint shall be filed with the carrier by the Seller. If takeover of the consignment by the Buyer from the carrier is confirmed by a signature in the carrier’s documents, no additional complaints regarding incompleteness or apparent damage may be taken into consideration. 

VIII. Warranty Terms and Conditions

The warranty terms, conflicts with the purchase contract, the claims procedure, issuance of a warranty certificate and exercising of rights related to liability for damages are governed by the Seller's complaints procedure.

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